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what type of shelves are there?

Shelfs does the task of organizing your favourite things in beautiful displayable order. There are wide varieties of shelves that create choice confusion, This article will differentiate shelves according to your material, type, size, need, space, budget, features, quality, people’s reviews  etc, which will help you to make the right choice!

1. Built in shelves

original Price- 1,999

Discount price-1,349

This shelf is made from high quality wrought iron which is resistant to corrossion, abrasion and uv. This shelf is available in different colours.

Number of shelves: 10

Finish type: Textured

installation: DIY (do it yourself)

Wheels: No 

Dimensions: Depth=30cm,                   width=106cm,                   height=109cm

2. Floating wall shelves

original Price- 1,200

Discount price-699

  • Material: medium density fibre
  • Rust proof
  • Number of shelves:4
  • width: 8inch ; Height: 4 inch


3. Hanging wall shelves

original Price- 790

Discount price-324

  • suitable for: living room/bedroom
  • Material: wooden
  • Number of shelf: 1
  • width:11.5 inch ; Height:21 inch

4. Corner shelves

corner shelves are best for rooms with less space for shelves. This shelves are available in wood, plastic, fabric etc.

original Price- 999

Discount price-738

  • Suitable For: Living Room & Bedroom
  • Material: MDF (Medium Density Fiber)
  • No of Shelves: 5
  • Width x Height: 8 inch x 34 inch standing shelves

Free standing shelves are stands to be best as they can be shifted anywhere, you can place them wherever you want. They come with various size, shape, colour, design etc.

original Price- 2,499

Discount price-1,849

  • Type: Open | 12 Shelves
  • Plastic
  • W x H x D: 1170 mm x 125 cm x 250 mm (3 ft 10 in x 4 ft 1 in x 9 in)
  • Mount: Free Standing
  • DIY – Basic assembly to be done with simple tools by the customer, comes with instructions.

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