Create Your own website- especially for non-techies!

         In todays, digital data driven world website has become one of the most popular & easy way to expand business, earn extra (side income) by blogging, To share your views, ideas, content online and much more. For non-techies without coding skills , it becomes troublesome task. Here you can find  every single step in detail, providing you full guidance.

          In this Article, we will guide you to build/create a website in the simplest possible way. This guide is intended to help beginners so we will start from basics, if you need guidance about particular step, section hover below to table of content to navigate to your solution.

          Before getting started, you have to decide your niche, Find Niche of your interest and the one which has high searches but less competition. Once you decide your niche Lets start-


How to create website in 2 easy steps (especially for Non-techies)

  • STEP 1: Choose Hosting service
  • STEP 2: Create website with desired website builder

step 1: Choosing a Hosting service

Web Hosting services are companies that provides you its servers to store your website from where it is easily accessible to users. That means your customers or users will simply type domain name and reach your site which is online!(stored/hosted by your website host)

There are many web hosting sites that have specific features and premium plans. Among them most popular are HostingerBluehost etc

After choosing your premium Hosting service, you have to choose domain name (choose the Name related to your content, like we post customer guide articles so our domain name is, here .com is top level domain that you can select according to your site content and renewal plan.

Domain indicates the specific address where the resource (your website) is located. It is a unique identity, easy to remember Address which, the users will use to access your website. For e.g., here is domain name and .com is top level domain name(names that comes after dot). It is also known as web suffix, that typically identifies the type of organisation, for e.g. here, .com indicates a commercial site. Similarly there are other top level domains like .edu,, .org, Remember that each of this top level domain may have different renewal price.

Yes, you can get a free domain from certain websites but those domains are usually subdomains which are SEO unfriendly- that means free domains cannot be indexed in search engines easily and therefore you cannot reach large audience, customers fast. Your website don’t flourish to its full capacity.

Your Hosting provider or Web developer may provides complimentary premium domain absolutely Free for 1st year or the length of your initial contract, later you have to renew it. 

Once you get your domain You are ready to move to next step- STEP 2

STEP 2: Create website with desired website builder

Choose your website builder. Some of the most popular website builders are wordpress, blogger etc. 

     Lets build your website with wordpress read more

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