Stop pop up adds that activates when you unlock phone/open certain app (heta virus)

Are you annoyed of pop ads that gets activated/displayed each time you unlock your device or try to open certain app. Here’s the best solution to get rid of those troublesome pop up advertisements.

How to know if your mobile phone is affected with virus or certain malwares?

If your mobile phone is frequently crashing, displaying annoying adds that redirects to certain websites (sometimes adult website) through your browser, your device battery life is reduced then this may be sign of a virus/malware is present in your mobile phone.

How this virus/malwares get inside your mobile phone?

When you ignore this warning from your device’s privacy setting and download files, apk, images etc from spamming sites. This malwares get installed in your device as a bonus with that file, apk etc. The worst part of it is, you never know which site is trustworthy, but one thing for sure if someone is giving you something for free like in case of mod apks of app’s premium version, then they expect something from you and that can be your privacy, income from ads that are displayed on your device without your consent. Better be aware and cautious before ignoring this setting! 

How to get rid of pop up ads Virus/malware on your mobile phone?

To get rid of this virus/malware firstly you have to find out what virus it is(it’s name).

  • Check if any suspicious app is present in your device that you have not installed.
  • Go to your phone’s settings>go to apps>all apps list>check for malware app probably without logo, it just has name so carefully hover below and uninstall if found any such.
  • If you find any immediately uninstall it.  

If you don’t find any such app in your device, then you need to scan your device this task can be accomplished by some good apps like AVG Antivirus & security, Virus Hunter: scan and clean, Trojan scanner etc.

       This apps scans for suspicious files, apps and most probably you may find the virus. If this scanning apps find virus they provide you delete option, just choose delete option.

what to do if you haven't found virus/malware after trying both above steps

If both steps mentioned above don’t work for you try this- Now you have to search for hunting the virus/malware. For this, trigger virus to get activate and play ads like lock/unlock your device, try to open app or do something that ad will play.

      Now go to My Google Activity-

  1. click on your google account icon on upper right corner 
  2. click on manage  google account.
  3. go to data and privacy option
  4. hover below and click on my activity.

Once you open your google activity page hover below and check which apps/file/virus were recently active/used or directed you to browser or played ad. It may appear as app that was active when ad was played on your device. click on that app/file you will be redirected to its parent source or location, like if that virus is in the form of app you will be redirected to Playstore, there Playstore marks it as unknown source/unidentified app/file. There You also get the option to uninstall it, just click uninstall. Remember this malwares/virus mimics original apps so well that you can’t distinguish between them. It may mimic the app that you use everyday so just check google history and search for app/file you haven’t open manually but it appears in recent history.

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